Day 221 365 Photos Theme #106 Food Glorious Food!

9 08 2009

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! Was that song from the movie Oliver? We stopped for lunch in Little Italy in New Haven. The only place open for lunch was the famous Frank Pepe’s Pizzaria. We figured that it must be good because there was a line out the door. We wanted to get home to NC, but we wanted to try the famous pizza. Well, after about an hour wait, we were seated and we ordered a small cheese pizza with half clams and half mushrooms. The pizza ovens are coal-fired ovens. One of the few places left that are allowed to use coal. The pizza arrived and was worth the wait. Thin crust, crispy and tasty! So, if you are in New Haven, Connecticutt stop by.

Oh, and for dessert, we walked next door to Libby’s Bakery. And got a pound of Italian cookies, a cannoli, and an eclair for the ride home. Yummm…..

They also sell gelato. I didn’t take pictures of the cookies because they keep everything covered in plastic in the cases.




3 responses

12 09 2009
Karen S. (klsbear)

What a great collage!

9 08 2009

Love your Itallion collage – very cool – and that ice cream shop is adorable!!

9 08 2009
Mary Lou

I love your presentation!! It’s fabulous and good food too!!

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