Day 215 365 Photos Theme #168 Law Enforcement

3 08 2009

Local Landmark, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

LAW ENFORCEMENT in the State of Massachusetts happens in the golden domed building in the Back Bay.

The Old State House

“Oliver Wendell Holmes called the State House “the hub of the solar system, though time has altered the statement and it is now remembered as “Boston is the hub of the universe”. Today, Boston, not the State House, is called “The Hub”.

The Early State House

In 1713 the seat of the Massachusetts government was the old State House at the corner of King (now Washington) and State streets. After the American Revolution, state leaders wanted a larger and more elegant home to better reflect the prosperous new republic, spacious enough to accommodate an expanding government.

They selected a superb site for the new State House close to the summit of the south side of Beacon Hill, overlooking Boston Common and the Back Bay. The land had originally served as a cow pasture for the Revolutionary patriot and governor John Hancock.

A young native-born architect, Charles Bulfinch, was chosen to design the building. Bulfinch was a public-minded citizen who had served Boston as a selectman; the many buildings he designed in Boston made a strong mark on the character of the city. He later contributed to the plans of the Capitol in Washington.

The Bulfinch State House was completed on January 11, 1798 and was widely acclaimed as one of the more magnificent and well-situated buildings in the country. Its dome dominated the Boston skyline until the advent of the skyscraper.”




2 responses

4 08 2009

Like your selective coloring. Great building. Good shot too.

3 08 2009

What a building, love the colors and especially the details! Nice perspective!

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