Day 214 365 Photos Theme #215 Ornate

2 08 2009

Ornate Old South Church, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

The ORNATE Old South Church is across from the Boston Public Library.

From the Web site:

“Looking at Old South Church from Copley Square, you see an outstanding and colorful example of Northern Italian Gothic architecture, advocated in the 1850s by the English architectural critic John Ruskin. This National Historic Landmark building is an unusually ornate design for a New England Congregational church. It radiates the opulent taste and the sense of optimism and progress of the Industrial Revolution following the Civil War. The church, constructed between 1872 and 1875 for a congregation founded in 1669, is distinguished by its tall bell tower; brown, pink and grey stonework; walls of Roxbury puddingstone; decorative carvings; a roof striped with tiles of red and black slate; and a cupola or lantern of green and russet-colored copper.”

I used Karen’s method of adjusting exposures to edit this picture using the Screen mode option. Notice that the sky is now the right blue as I took it and the church is better as far as the color of the dome. It is a lighter on my screen.




5 responses

3 08 2009

I want to go to Boston so bad! Such beautiful architecture and you definitely delivered on ornate! WOW!

2 08 2009

Amazing! Very ornate. Love the dome. Good shot.

2 08 2009

I’ve been inside Old South Church many times – but I’ve never looked up to see this outside! Great photo.

2 08 2009

Absolutely perfectly ornate. Great selection for the theme.

2 08 2009

I know this is a new age but they DON’T build like that any more, alas.

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