Day 242 365 Photos Theme #272 Security

30 08 2009

Police Car, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

The Police provide SECURITY for the citizens of Franklinton, which is a small town north of Raleigh. Our neighbor works for the town and brings his car home with him.

I used Lightroom to remove the color except for yellow and then boosted the saturation so the emblem would stand out more. I cropped the picture too.


Day 241 365 Photos Theme #126 Graffiti or Mural

29 08 2009

Caboose For Sale, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

These cabooses are sitting on an unused train track along Capital Blvd. in Raleigh. They are covered in GRAFFITI and the kudzu is creeping up over a few of them. They are for sale for a mere $15,000 to $20,000 ( They would make a great sewing or craft studio in the backyard!

I used Lightroom to saturate the sky more and used my Shutterfreaks frames to frame the image.

A Change of Scenery

28 08 2009

I had to get out of the house today and the yard for taking pictures. So, I drove downtown and took some pictures there and around town. So, no flowers and butterflies for awhile I hope. It was just windy a few minutes ago but it didn’t rain. It is humid enough though. We need some rain from Tropical Storm Danny, but they just said he is weakening and the cold front is stronger. It is supposed to be 72 here on Monday BRRR.

Well, tomorrow AM we will watch Ted Kennedy’s Funeral on TV. It starts at 10:00 AM Eastern. RIP.

Here is my second shot at the Warning theme. Everytime I post a theme I always find one I like better. This one is a preview of some others to come.

Day 240 365 Photos Theme #12 Antique

28 08 2009

AntiqueFordTruck-1130, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

This Ford 100 truck is an ANTIQUE. It has been parked in the driveway of the neighbor on the corner or our street. They don’t make them like they used too!

I used a Lightroom preset to take out the color and then used WOW-c_HSL-Sky_02 preset to give it this antique effect.

Week 35, Ducks On Ice, 2000

27 08 2009

These ducks were standing on the lake at Louisville State Park in Nebraska. We went down to Louisville to take pictures of the Eagles. I ended up with better pictures of the ducks!. Louisville’s other claim to fame is Art Chicks! It is a Ladies Lunch place. You can dress up in their costumes and have a nice lunch with sing-a-longs too. They also have a gallery. Louisville is south of Omaha.

Day 239 365 Photos Theme #312 Sweets

27 08 2009

Banana Pudding, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Who doesn’t love SWEETS? I could live on them for sure. Why can’t they make salad taste like Banana Puddin or my Mom’s Mint Brownies?

Day 238 365 Photos Theme #240 Print Media

26 08 2009

Print Media, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

It is dangerous for me to browse the PRINT MEDIA at the bookstore! I always want to buy a magazine or two. This time I bought “Our State” magazine that had the 2009 Photo Contest Winners. I wanted to see what they picked and how my photos compared! Maybe next year I will remember to enter. I entered some of my butterfly and dragonfly pictures in the Wildlife in North Carolina photo contest.