Week 26, Photo of the Week, Lincoln Statue at the Bennington Museum

2 07 2009

I lived in Burlington Vermont from 1980-1982. After I moved back to Massachusetts I used to meet some friends from Burlington in different Vermont places. Bennington is in southern Vermont. Grandma Moses’ paintings are on display in the Bennington Museum and Bennington Pottery is very collectible.

This is a picture of the Hunt Statue. From http://www.abrahamlincoln.org:

“This bronze statue grouping by sculptor Clyde DuVernet Hunt depicts three symbols: Abraham Lincoln as Charity, a kneeling woman as Faith, and a child as Hope. Called “The Spirit of America,” the work was displayed at the New York World’s Fair in 1939 before arriving at the courtyard of the Bennington Museum on West Main Street.

Hunt who came from a prominent Vermont family, was born in Scotland in 1861 and spent many years in Paris. After his death in 1941 his heirs donated the statue in his memory explaining that Hunt “held the martyred President in great and beautiful reverence.”




3 responses

5 07 2009

I used to go to Bennington for donuts. I went to college at RPI in Troy, NY. Every once and a while we’d go on a road trip to Bennington for donuts.

Nice shot.

3 07 2009
Mary Lou

Interesting story. Nice processing.

2 07 2009

Love this sculpture of “The Spirit of America” – the details in this are amazing!!

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