Day 181 365 Photos Theme #113 Frozen Treats

29 06 2009

FrozenTreats, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

We were following this truck of FROZEN TREATS on Rte. 128 on our way home from Portland, Maine in April. B&J is my favorite food. It would be my last supper for sure! I lived in Burlington, Vermont in 1981 when B&J were just starting out in the gas station in downtown Burlington. Then they opened a store in Essex Junction closer to my house. My favorite flavor is Coffee Heath Bar. My DH likes Cherry Garcia (of course) and Chunky Monkey. Karmal Sutra is pretty good too. We took the tour of the factory once.



6 responses

5 07 2009

I’ve not tried it either! I bet I would be hooked if I did, so I don’t. lol

1 07 2009

I like the Raspberry Swirl yoghurt…

30 06 2009
Mary Lou

Ice cream is my favorite!! Cute idea for this theme.

30 06 2009

Yummmmmm, one of my favorites!!

30 06 2009

There are frozen treats in the truck…. If you like Ice Cream, then you need to try Ben and Jerry’s. A close second is Cold Stone Creamery. They have new cupcakes and they are really tasty!

30 06 2009

Don’t think I’ve ever had any B&J’s! Guess I’m a little weird, huh? You are telling me all of this and I am hungry, trying not to get up and eat something I shouldn’t. But will need to get a snack soon or I will eat something I shouldn’t. 😀 Good photo to be traveling. Only thing is, if we stretch this as frozen treats (all I see are vehicles, bridge and a highway) then we have to let Ron use Nail. Right?

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