Day 169 365 Photos Theme #166 Larger than Life

17 06 2009

Muffler Man is LARGER THAN LIFE. Muffler Man used to be on Louisburg Road in front of Bradshear Sod Farm. He moved his business to Capital Blvd. He has been repainted too.

In 1967. we went to visit our cousins in NJ and we went to Atlantic City. Here is a picture of us in front of Muffler Man who is holding a golf club.

If you watch the beginning of the Sopranos, you can see a Muffler Man in one of the shots. Roadside America’s Web site has all the info about how to tell if your local figure is a real Muffler Man.




5 responses

18 06 2009

Wow! He’s huge. Never heard of muffler man – I’ll have to be on the lookout for him.

17 06 2009

I thought of Paul too! (in that first pic)
Definitely larger than life–fun photo!

17 06 2009

Too funny – I am glad he got a make over! I do watch the sopranos and have seen him!! 🙂 I guess that means he is real!

17 06 2009
Esther Farnstrom

He is big! When I first looked at the backside it reminded me of a Paul Bunyan statue I have seen in Minnesota. The one in the redwoods of California is seated. I have never heard of the Mufflerman. I wonder how he came to be.

17 06 2009

The Paul Bunyan could be a real one. Check out

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