Day 168 365 Photos Theme #118 Garden

16 06 2009

My creation, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your GARDEN grow? With acorn squash and yellow squash and cukes so far. The hydrangeas are so blue this year! The wildflower patch is wild! It is raining again today. This is the wettest spring since we moved here in 2001. Great for the garden though!

The yellow flower is a lance leaf coreopsis.




7 responses

19 06 2009
Karen S. (klsbear)

Great collage – I love garden shots.

18 06 2009

A great collage the epitomizes early summer.

18 06 2009

Fantastic collage, your pics are so crisp and clear. And I love your description!

17 06 2009

Love this collage – and the mixture of colors! Your squashes are so far along – the gardens here must be at least a month behind.

16 06 2009

Oh I love this collage – awesome pictures from your garden – they are awesome together. /Viktoria –

16 06 2009

Our yard is a work in progress! We have been working on reducing the lawn and making gardens. We have nice plantings and are working on all the in-between stuff!

The acorn squash was a surprise. It must have come from the compost cause I didn’t buy any plants! We have 2 of them. I guess we didn’t cook the compost enough!

16 06 2009

What lovely pictures from your gardens, you must have some beautiful gardens judging from these pics…

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