Day 158 365 Photos Theme #353 Water

7 06 2009

My creation, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

The WATER droplets on the leaves were just so inviting. Water on the miscantus grass, water on the hydrangea leave, and water on the red maple leaves.




8 responses

18 06 2009

This is just spectacular – and thanks for the link to fd’s Flickr Toys on your Flickr page. They are great!

8 06 2009

What a wonderful series! My favorite is the one of the maple leaves on the right. I like the subtle color and the crispness of the water drops.

8 06 2009

Gorgeous images, I couldn’t choose a favorite!

8 06 2009

Great clarity and detail in all of the photos!

8 06 2009

Beautiful! Those photos are beautiful on their own, but go just SO well toghether. Well done!

7 06 2009
Karen S. (klsbear)

A beautiful triptych of photos – just lovely.

7 06 2009
Mary Lou

Fabulous and very creative. Love the presentation and the B&W with the color photographs.

7 06 2009
Julie McLeod

Super shots and a really lovely presentation.

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