Day 183 365 Photos Theme #135 Guilty Pleasures

30 06 2009

Guilty Pleasures, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

This is not one of my GUILTY PLEASURES, but it is still a common habit for many. The tobacco is starting to turn yellow in the fields, so I will update my tobacco pictures soon.


Time Flies

30 06 2009

Hard to believe that we are 6 months into our challenge! I am doing a book that documents the challenge. I was going to do a book for the year, but it is too big for that so I am doing January – June. Keep on taking great pictures!

Day 182 365 Photos Theme #282 Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

29 06 2009

Signs, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

SIGN, SIGN, EVERWHERE A SIGN… don’t do this don’t do that! Well, this is just a sign in front of one of the old DEC buildings in Marlboro, Massachusetts where we used to work. It is now the only HP building left open in this campus.

I used Lightroom to darken the picture and take out most of the color.

Day 181 365 Photos Theme #113 Frozen Treats

29 06 2009

FrozenTreats, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

We were following this truck of FROZEN TREATS on Rte. 128 on our way home from Portland, Maine in April. B&J is my favorite food. It would be my last supper for sure! I lived in Burlington, Vermont in 1981 when B&J were just starting out in the gas station in downtown Burlington. Then they opened a store in Essex Junction closer to my house. My favorite flavor is Coffee Heath Bar. My DH likes Cherry Garcia (of course) and Chunky Monkey. Karmal Sutra is pretty good too. We took the tour of the factory once.

Day 180 365 Photos Theme #78 Distorted

29 06 2009

Photograph of a Book, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

The cover of this book is DISTORTED. Well, sort of distorted. The cover is a picture of a fabric journal fanned open. I took a picture of it standing up against the porch post. The picture looks wicked 3-D – don’t you think? I took a picture of the cover of this book “1000 Artist Journal Pages” because I had one of my journal pages published in the book on page 221:

The page in the upper right corner is the page that I did for a journal page exchange. It is called “Johnny Appleseed” and it lives in Noway now. It was exciting having it published in this book.

“It’s The End of the World As We Know It”

29 06 2009

I forgot who sang this song but today it seems appropriate. Oh… now I remember it is R.E.M. one of the bands I hate a lot. But that is beside the point.

I applied to the MassHealth Buyin for my Mom who lives in Massachusetts. I just got back a letter saying that they denied the application because they couldn’t verify her SSN. Okay, so I doubled checked the application (I always make a copy of everything I send in). The number is right and easy to read. I have nice printing! It says to call the 800 number above (or of course you can ask for a hearing – yeah that will be easy for me living in NC). I call the 800 and there is no way to talk to a human being. I tried every menu. Finally I tried the if you are a Doctor path. The only thing I should have tried was the one for speaking Spanish. Anyways. I went to the Web site and called the number there but didn’t get anywhere near a human either. So, I called the direct number to the Office of Medicaid in Boston and got connected to a human. I only waited on hold for about 10 minutes. Of course the human couldn’t help me because my Mother doesn’t have a case on file … well DUH that is because they couldn’t verify her SSN. He put me on hold and came back and said I could reapply. I said why didn’t they call when they coudln’t verify the SSN… well they don’t have enough people to do the work. Oh brother. And, my Mother gets her SSN money every month and I filed her taxes with this number that I have been using for 4 years. So, they probably typed it wrong and that was that. Oh, and at first he wasn’t going to talk to me cause it was for my Mom. I have Power of Attorney but that doesn’t always help. And so sometimes I am forced to … well you can figure that out. I needed Power of Attorney to shut off my Mom’s cable TV.

Then there was the high school kid at Best Buy who couldn’t figure out if the lap top I wanted came with Vista 32bit. OY. So, I walked out when he went to look for something. I will buy it from HP direct. Support HP so maybe I will get to collect that retirement money that is just waiting for me in 9 years :-).

So, okay I am done venting. I did have one good part to my day. I went to the Orthotic Man last week and he measured the difference in my left and right legs. I was off by 3/8″ and so he put a lift in the sole of my shoe. I went today to pick up my shoes. It feels a little weird at first so I need to walk around in them for 4 hours today and a little more each day. I also have been going to PT for ultrasound treatments on my scar tissue and fibrosis on my right thigh. That and stretching has brought my knee from 90 degrees to 125 degrees this week (that is measured laying on your stomach and bringing your bent leg as far back toward your butt as you can). Try it! Anyways, this is another lesson I learned… do not rely on your Doctors to fix you after they messed you up 🙂 and the Internet has lots of good (and quack stuff) stuff out there that can help.

Okay… I ‘m done.

Day 179 365 Photos Theme #105 Follow the Leader

27 06 2009

Follow The Leader, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

The flower pods are playing FOLLOW THE LEADER up and down the cactus.