Day 143 365 Photos Theme #170 Legs

23 05 2009

If you have seen “A Christmas Story” then you should recognize this lamp. It is an authentic LEG Lamp from the movie. My friends have one and it used to only come out at Christmas. But now they have a nice new bonus room and it can live out on the bar all year round!

The lamp also has a red light…




5 responses

3 06 2009
Julie McLeod

I doubt you anyone will come up with a quirkier interpretation of the legs theme! Very fun.

29 05 2009
Karen S. (klsbear)

I believe it was described as “the glow of electric sex” – LOL – a nice shot you’ve captured.

24 05 2009

I love that lamp!!! Also love the Red Ryder BB Gun! GREAT idea for the theme!

24 05 2009

Without reading your description I thought “Christmas Story” right away (one of my favorite movies of all times)! I want that lamp – what a conversation piece!

24 05 2009

Love that leg lamp! Especially the red light version… LOL

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