The Color Purple

17 05 2009

The Color Purple, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

We saw the Color Purple at the DPAC theater in Durham yesterday. It was excellent. One of the best plays that I have seen. We had front row center seats too that also were the best. The orchestra was great (the Viola player is Lisa who teaches free-form knitting at Yarn Birds in Raleigh). I cried through most of the second act! Good tears. The talent is just awesome. Saw that Fantasia will be in the show again this summer in Washington, DC. I would go to see it if you live near DC.

You cannot go past a field of purple flowers without stopping to appreciate the glory of the flower no matter how you think that purple flower got here. These are my Foxgloves that are in my wild flower patch. I love them!




7 responses

3 06 2009
Julie McLeod

Lovely! You’ve captured it with such detail and the color is so vibrant.

24 05 2009

An exuberant capture of the foxgloves.

24 05 2009

Gorgeous color and detail.

18 05 2009
Mary Lou

They are gorgeous!! Beautiful shade of purple.

17 05 2009

I am always amazed at how much talent there is. Celie is on stage the whole show pretty much. We saw the understudy and she was excellent! We used to go to the plays at the Omaha Playhouse and we went to the Lied a lot in Lincoln. Karen… Phantom is coming to Durham in the Fall. I think I may have to go! And Wicked is coming too.

17 05 2009

I have not seen the play form of that yet, but I see it is coming to the Orpheum next fall – I will be there for sure! What spectacular flowers! WOW

17 05 2009

That purple is spectacular. Sounds like the play was wonderful, too. I always loved the movie.

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