Week 20 Photo of the Week, New Orleans, 1988

13 05 2009

The New Orleans Jazz Band was leading our group down to the river for a night cruise on the Mississippi River. It was 1988 and we were in New Orleans for the annual MUMPS Conference. I worked for Digital Equipment Corporation as a Tech Writer and we got to go to the annual conferences every year.

KarenB and I used to go early or stay extra days and do some sightseeing. We had some great times (Atlanta, Seattle, Orlando)! Oh, and MUMPS is a programming language (they call it M now). I bet that there are still PDP-11 computers running MUMPS in the VA Hospitals.




4 responses

13 05 2009

I remember this – was it really 20 years ago?!!! New Orleans was my favorite trip. Loved those beignets…

14 05 2009

It was 21 years! Remember the Finns đŸ™‚ and then I met KMF! Wowie Zowie. I liked Seattle too. We went to Vancouver and had Dim Sum. Yum. Those were the days.

13 05 2009

You’ve camptured the energy and the spirit of this band.

13 05 2009

Love how you put the focus on the band – also love that bright red umbrella! Super composition!

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