Day 127 365 Photos Theme #212 Open

6 05 2009

Pink Roses, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Our roses are OPEN now. They are pink roses. It always amazes me that I can hack the roses all the way down to the ground and they grow back and flower like crazy!

And the chives are in bloom too (and I am not chive talking LOL).




5 responses

7 05 2009

Great shot for the theme, how pretty!

7 05 2009

That is the most subtle and beautiful use of selective color I’ve seen! Love that delicate pink against the grays. It’s raining here today – a fine drizzle. It’s amazing how the leaves have popped in the last week.

7 05 2009

The hint of color on black and white makes these budding roses truly lovely!

6 05 2009

My first reaction to that top photo: OOOOOOO! That is the most subtle, delicate use of selective coloring that I have ever seen.

6 05 2009

OMGosh, that first picture is stunning! I think this is one of your best to date! LOVE it!

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