Day 126 365 Photos Theme #114 Fruits of the Season

5 05 2009

Strawberries are Ready, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

It is time for FRUITS OF THE SEASON! I planted several strawberry plants in a pot on our deck and they are starting to ripen. The local U-pick places are open now too.

The grey rocks are in the pot to keep the squirrels from digging in our pots. It is the stuff you can put in the ground with bulbs to keep the moles and voles away too. Seems that they don’t like strawberries cause they haven’t been eating them. Good thing!

Taken with Lensbaby

Taken with Lensbaby




5 responses

6 05 2009

Can almost smell the strawberries and long for mine to show up. Wich will not happen for some month…..

6 05 2009

Those look delicious! I’m jealous – you know we won’t get fresh strawberries here in MA until mid-June. The close-up is so sharp and colorful, and I love the preset you used on the pot.

6 05 2009
Julie McLeod

Both shots are lovely. I’m glad you showed the full view as well as the close-up…

5 05 2009

OH YEAH, now this is what I’ve been waiting for! Fresh strawberries! Looks soooo tasty!

5 05 2009

We don’t have strawberries yet, but man do those look good! I could almost reach out and bite one!! Mmmmmmmmm!!!

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