Day 123 365 Photos Theme #260 Rest in Peace

1 05 2009

The Historic Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh, NC has a section dedicated to the memory of the CSA soldiers. The Mount Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA has a GAR section. I thought that the REST IN PEACE theme had a double meaning for these pictures. And in contrast, the Oakwood Cemetery has a newer section with graves from recent wars. We just never remember as Ron showed us in his pictures from the Day of Remembrance for the War of Gallipoli.




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2 05 2009
Esther Farnstrom

The local cemetery always has flags posted on the veteran’s graves, plus larger ones on the entrance and driveways throughout the park. They have a ceremony on Memorial Day. It is very impressive. We go to visit the graves every year. One day, my husband and I will be there, too. I hope someone puts a flag on his grave for being the veteran he is.

1 05 2009

I am not happy with the processing I did on the GAR photo. I will try again next week. The red in the little flags wasn’t enough to use the same processing. And, I was further away taking those pictures. We do have a lot of ceremonies here on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.

When I first moved to an apartment in West Boylston, Massachusetts in 1986, I was awoken on Memorial Day by the loudest noise! I looked out my side window and saw that there was a parade and there were people in lawn chairs in front of my house. The High School Marching Band was passing by!

1 05 2009

Very solemn photos. I especially like the use of selective colring in the top one.

1 05 2009

Both of the images really stand out to me. The selective coloring in the first is amazing and the sepia toned image really looks old! Nice work on both of these!

1 05 2009
Julie McLeod

Your images are quite beautiful – I especially like the selective color in the first one. Once again I’m amazing that these very, very old graves are being tended.

Re: Americans not remembering war dead. Over the last couple years I have seen some wonderful photos from various cities in the US of ceremonies honoring war dead on Memorial Day. The Veteran’s Administration even places individual American flags on graves of veterans – a very moving sight. I think North American society has begun showing more respect as they realize the last of the WWI vets are gone and the WWII vets will soon be. You might want to check to see if one of the VA administered cemeteries in your area has ceremonies at the end of the month…

1 05 2009

These are awesome! The first one is just a bit more awesome! I love the textures, the variations in grays, the background, but I really love your use of selective color. That flag is perfect!

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