Day 152 365 Photos Theme #117 Gap

31 05 2009

Gap, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

The balustrades above the arch at Peace College form a GAP pattern against the Carolina blue sky! Always look up.


Day 151 365 Photos Theme #172 Lines

28 05 2009

Lines, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

I liked the LINES of the fire escape on one of the buildings at Peace College.

Day 150 365 Photos Theme #16 Award

28 05 2009

I got an Honorable Mention AWARD for my quilt in the NC Quilt Symposium this weekend at Peace College, Raleigh, NC. It was quilted by Cathy Kirk, the Quilting Cowgirl, Cary NC.

Day 149 365 Photos Theme #53 Clocks

28 05 2009

Peace College Clock, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

This CLOCK is in a courtyard at Peace College. I used the EFF Dragan 2 Preset in Lightroom to make it look old. Here is what the whole clock looks like:

Day 148 365 Photos Theme #82 Eating Establishments

27 05 2009

Want to try this EATING ESTABLISHMENT? There are many of them around the USA. We have one here in Raleigh at the Mall. You have to like bison (sorry Mr. Buffalo, Photo of the Week :-)). It really is tasty though and good for you too. I make chili with it.

Week 22, Photo of the Week, Buffalo at Custer State Park, 2000

26 05 2009

We drove through Custer State Park, which is in South Dakota in 2000. We drove to Rapid City, SD from Omaha, Nebraska where we were living at the time. We weren’t all that far from this rather large buffalo!

Used Matt’s Sin City Light Red Lightroom preset to highlight the buffalo.

Day 147 365 Photos Theme #177 Looking Down

26 05 2009

Looking Down On Lily, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

I took this picture LOOKING DOWN on the lilly that is in our front yard. We seem to have many more of these blooming this year and they have spread around the front garden. I saturated the red color a little more and cropped it closely.