Day 114 365 Photos Theme 51 City Lights

23 04 2009

City Lights at 6:30 AM, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

It is 6:30 AM in Portland, Maine and I cannot sleep. I took this shot from out hotel room. It is a view of the CITY LIGHTS around the Casco Bay Bridge . The city is just starting to wake up to another day, and soon my DH woke up with all of the noise I was making trying to move the desk that was in front of the windows.




6 responses

28 04 2009

The ambient color and the glowing lights are exqusite.

25 04 2009
Esther Farnstrom

I have to laugh! I can just picture the scene: DH waking up to see you rearranging the hotel furniture for the sake of THE perfect photo. This is something I might do. I contemplated standing on the comode in my DS’s bathroom, because he has the best view of the local mountain out that window. Well, I decided not to do it, because of how embarrassing that would be to see the paramedics looking down at me if I fell.

24 04 2009
Julie McLeod

Gorgeous dawn sky and a great urban scene…

24 04 2009

Nice take of that city trying to wake up!

24 04 2009

I hope that his snoring wasn’t interupting your careful photographic preparations, that is being a challenge participant alright, spouses (oe is that spice) just need to understand – Ah the spice of life.

24 04 2009

Nice colors for such an exposure. Good scene for the lights. Great job.

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