Day 111 365 Photos Theme #315 Symbols

20 04 2009

I never really paid much attention to the SYMBOLS on the Jewish headstones, but we noticed the same symbol on all of the old headstones. I searched online and found an explanation of many of the symbols.


And, I think that this is my Great-Grandmother’s headstone. She died in 1909 after she had 5 children. Her husband remarried a widow with 2 children and then had another daughter together. But, they both died young and their daughter was an orphan at 17. But she went to live with her half-sister who was married. I never knew any of them and my Grandfather never talked about them. It was during the depression and he had to leave school in the 6th grade to work.




4 responses

21 04 2009

Great photo and really cool to get the explanation of the symbols. I never knew how interesting visiting a cemetery could be until we went last week to Hope Cemetery. Thanks!

21 04 2009

Funny what the past throws at us, Glad you found your past, relish it!

20 04 2009

Nice composition. Who was it that had a post last week with the “marker” like a huge log in the form of a cross? Wonder if this could this be the explanation of that monuments? Thanks for sharing the information. Now we know a lot more than we did a few minutes ago. 😀

20 04 2009

How cool is that, I love stories from family’s past! Love your symbols chart as well!! Nice image, great research!!

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