Day 97 365 Photos Theme #257 Regal

7 04 2009

Orchids, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

I chose REGAL for this photo because of the purple color. Purple is the color of royalty. I took my orchid plant outside on the front porch to take some pictures of it before it loses all of its flowers.




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11 04 2009

Beautiful shot and great DOF, regal is perfect … Was there just some basketball thing there? 😉

11 04 2009

It was March Madness, the ACC tournament for the East and then the whole country tournament, 64 teams down to the final two. UNC was picked to win by President Obama and most of us here in NC of course.

7 04 2009

Gorgeous flower!

7 04 2009

The purple against the white really makes it pop! Lovely lovely photo. The title may be “Regal” the shot is also “Regal!” 😀 Please frame this and hang it so all can see it. 😀

7 04 2009

Very creative use of theme. I like purple bows at Christmas for the very reason that purple is the color of royalty and Christmas is the birth of our ‘King’

7 04 2009

Beautiful purple blooms!

7 04 2009

Love orchids (I did have one that rebloomed a couple of times, then we moved and that change was too much). Beautiful color.

7 04 2009

Must be from the Royal family Tree. Great shot.

7 04 2009
Julie McLeod

Gorgeous! And very regal…

7 04 2009

Oh no, I don’t get them to bloom! I buy them in bloom and then pitch them. Or actually, I got this for Valentine’s Day from the hubbie. They last longer than roses. My friend gets hers to rebloom though.

The Tar Heels are home and they are on TV right now for their celebration. The seniors have won 101 games and lost only 14 in their career. Not bad.

7 04 2009

So perfect for the theme, and wow, I am impressed, you can get yours to bloom, something about me and indoor plants – we don’t get along well LOL
Stunning color!

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