Day 94 365 Photos Theme #3 A Movie Title

4 04 2009

Mall River, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Can you guess the MOVIE TITLE? I will tell you that I was at the mall today taking pictures. I think this version of the picture is too blue!

I used the Lightroom preset to take out all colors but blue and then I bumped up the blue saturation and vibrance.

The movie is “A River Runs Through It”. This isn’t quite a rive, but it does run from the other side of the indoor part of the mall and then down to the Orvis store where they do fly fishing demos.




12 responses

7 04 2009

I like the blue photo the best. I couldn’t guess the movie title b/c I recognized the mall when I saw the photo and started thinking about the twisted fork! The only thing I could think of after that is the creme brulee at twisted fork!

7 04 2009

I took a pic of the Twisted Fork… I never tried the creme brulee there. I like their coconut cake.

5 04 2009

Wow…..a river in a mall, that’s unique! I think you’re right about the other one being too blue. This one looks more natural. Well, as natural as a river can be in a mall!

5 04 2009
Julie McLeod

Nice idea for the theme! And a cool idea having the river run into the mall….

5 04 2009

Hey, this is the first movie title that I was able to guess right away! 😉 Interesting photo – I like the composition.

4 04 2009

We have a winner! Great guess. This isn’t quite a river, but it actualy is on the other side of the mall and then this is the outside part of the mall down to the Orvis Store where they do fly fishing demos. The fountain outside is off because we have been in a drought so they turned off all the outside fountains. I have some cool shots of the fountain from a few years ago.

4 04 2009

A River Runs Through It?

4 04 2009

Here is another hint… at the other end of this “river” is Orvis (look them up to see what they sell).

4 04 2009

No clue on the title. How about Blue Danube !! That’s a song though! HMMM/ I really like the blue photo – it is intriguing.

4 04 2009

I don’t know the movie (since it is at the mall – maybe Mall Rats? Wow what a beautiful scene you have done, this is really a pretty picture!

4 04 2009

I don’t know the movie title but I like the photo!

4 04 2009

I see a younger Bo Derek without Dudley Moore. Nice shot, I like the richer version, (of Both)

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