Week 14 Photo of the Week, Fall at the Church

1 04 2009

The Old Stone Church in West Boylston, MA is on the site of a town that was flooded to make a water supply for Boston, MA. This stone church still stands.

This scene may look familiar to the 365 Photo bloggers cause Sheila took a picture of this in the Winter. So, now we need a spring and summer picture of it.

From the WB Web site:

“Incorporated in 1808, West Boylston was created from parts of Shrewsbury, Boylston, Lancaster, Sterling and Holden. These lands had been parts of earlier grants made to the settlers of the region.

West Boylston prospered through the 19th century and by 1890 contained 3,000 residents, five churches, ten schools and many mills and factories which included the Warfield Saw Mill, L. M. Harris Cotton Mill, West Boylston Manufacturing Company of Thread & Wire, the Cowee Grist Mill, the Clarendon Mill and Holbrook Mill where Erastus Bigelow learned about looms and invented the technique to improve carpet manufacturing. Boots and baskets were also manufactured here.

The availability of water power, which attracted the mills here, was responsible for the selection of West Boylston as the best site for a much needed reservoir to serve the needs of the city of Boston.

From 1896 through 1905 West Boylston endured the building of the reservoir and the destruction of its mills and farms, including the Beaman Farm and its famous Beaman Oak, four churches and eight schools as well as acres of fruit trees. Twenty-five houses and a cemetery were moved and over seventeen hundred residents were displaced.

A decade and $11,000,000 later the Wachusett Reservoir was completed with the impressive Old Stone Church (above) standing as the last remnant of the town which was once in the valley. No longer the industrial mill town it once was. West Boylston has grown in population and renewed vitality into a lovely residential community enhanced by the beauty of the tree-bordered Wachusett Reservoir.”




4 responses

2 04 2009

I’ll have to do the spring photo, since Sheila will be on the road. 😉

2 04 2009

This one decidedly needs to be framed and hung!! LOVELY, is the word for it. Peaceful setting. Colors and composition are great. Terrific shot.

1 04 2009

This is such a lovely shot….love the processing! LOL to your earlier comment!

1 04 2009

This looks like a painting – it is so beautiful!!

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