Day 92 365 Photos Theme #246 Purple

1 04 2009

English Ivy Flower, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

These are pretty PURPLE flowers on the English Ivy growing outside by the fish pond. I like the contrast of the different greens and the bright purple.




12 responses

2 04 2009

A lovely spring shot–the spot of purple stands out against all the greens in the background.

2 04 2009

Really, really beautiful – the color and the clarity are superb. And I love the soft background, too.

2 04 2009

Beautiful shot. Love everything about it!

2 04 2009

This flower is on one of those long trailers that shoot off the mother plant. I lost one mother plant last fall. Something ate all the leaves off the plant and it died. The other mother plant is coming back but doesn’t have any flowers this year yet. I thought that nothing could kill these plants.

2 04 2009

I love to find secret little blossoms in unexpected places in the garden! What a cheerful “purple’ shot.

2 04 2009

What a beautiful purple flower – I love it’s shape!

2 04 2009
Julie McLeod

What a gorgeous (and surprising) flower! I love your composition…..

2 04 2009

Great minds . . . and all that rot! 😀 I was thinking exactly as Esther commented while I studied the photo. I never knew an ivy to bloom either.

You said: “I like the contrast of the different greens and the bright purple.” I like that too. The background adds as much to the photo – well, almost – as the purple flower. Terrific job.

Tell me, did it produce other flowers too?

2 04 2009

I didn’t know they bloomed until we moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina. I didn’t know that a lot of annuals can grow as perrenials down here. Or that pansies grow all winter here and are just about dead by July :-). The first summer here we didn’t plant anything in the garden till May! Way too late for peas. But you have to get all your yard work done by mid-june or forget it cause it gets too hot and humid here in the summer. But we are only zone 7b so we can’t grow stuff that my MIL can grow in Florida. We are trying to plant only drough-tolerant stuff and reduce the amount of lawn we have. We try to grow some veggies without chemicals.

2 04 2009

You found an ivy that blooms???? I didn’t know that existed. This is a most delicate blossom for a hardy plant. The verigated color combination here makes the purple really stand out.

2 04 2009

Beautiful contrast with just one flower showing.

2 04 2009

Nice and purple. I wish I had flowers already. Lucky you!

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