Day 120 365 Photos Theme #38 Button

30 04 2009

Button, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

The Historic Oakwood Cemetery here in Raleigh has a section to honor the Confederate War Dead. I stopped there today to take some pictures. I saw this BUTTON on one of the headstones. The soldier was from Texas (that is what the button says). Here is part of the headstone.


Be Safe Out There, Dementia and the News

29 04 2009

I hope that we all stay safe these days now with the Swine Flu moving around out of Mexico. It is hard to watch the news these days.

I took my Mom to see her Neurologist when we went to visit her. He always asks her the same things… do you know what city you are in (usually she sees him in Worcester and she always says that, this time we went to Auburn and she said Worcester). He asked her if she watches the news. She said she does, but that sometimes she just gets so “screwed” and turns it off. She used the word screwed as she balled up her fists. She was searching for the right word and just couldn’t find it but she knew what she meant. I asked her who the President was and she thought for awhile and said that he was sort of black but she couldn’t remember his name! But she knows we have a new president (yes even someone with dementia knows that we finally got rid of he who shall not be named). Mom’s dementia has progressed in some ways and not in others. She still gets along well, knows us, and can converse. She just doesn’t remember that she just had lunch or what she ate! She has stopped using her remote control for the TV. She now uses the buttons on the front of the TV. Hey, just like the old days. She doesn’t use her recliner because we bought her the lift chair that has buttons and she forgets how to use it.

So, lets keep taking our pictures!

Day 119 365 Photos Theme 188 Monuments or Memorials

28 04 2009

Thomas Brackett Reed, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

This photo of a MONUMENT of Thomas Brackett Reed was taken in April, 2009 by me. It is located on the Western Promenade in Portland, Maine. I took the picture because my Mom has a picture of it that was taken in the 1940s when she went up to Portland with her parent’s to visit her cousins. Here is the picture she took:

I fixed the faded color and added some color to the statue to make it stand out. Before we went to Portland to visit the last remaining cousin of my Mother, we were able to find this statue using Google so we knew where it was.

“From Wikepedia: Thomas Brackett Reed, (October 18, 1839 – December 7, 1902), occasionally ridiculed as Czar Reed, was a U.S. Representative from Maine, and Speaker of the House from 1889–1891 and from 1895–1899. He was a powerful leader of the Republican Party but was unable to stop the Spanish-American War. Born in Portland, Maine, Reed attended public school, including Portland High School, before graduating from Bowdoin College in 1860. He studied law. After college, he went on to become acting assistant paymaster, United States Navy, from April, 1864, to November 1865, and was admitted to the bar in 1865. He practiced in Portland, and was elected to the Maine House of Representatives, in 1868 and 1869. He served in the Maine Senate in 1870 but left to serve as the state’s Attorney General 1870-72. Reed became city solicitor of Portland 1874–1877, before being elected as a Republican to the Forty-fifth and to the eleven succeeding Congresses, serving from 1877, to September 4, 1899, when he resigned.”

Week 18 Photo Of the Week, The Road to California,

28 04 2009

My creation, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

I picked some of my favorite photos that I took on our trip to California in 1997. The Pacific Ocean, Hearst Castle and San Francisco were my favorite places to take pictures.

Week 17 Photo of the Week, Blizzard of 1978, Worcester, MA

28 04 2009

The red house is my house and the driveway is partially shoveled and there is no where else to put the snow. The house sits on a cellar so that snow is covering the foundation up over the top of the bottom of the shingles! My Mother was working as a nurse at the time and they came and got her in an Army truck and she had to sleep over. I was working in the ER as a ward secretary but the ER was basically closed, so I didn’t need to go to work for 4 days!

Day 118 365 Photos Theme #305 Street Scenes

27 04 2009

This is My Parking Space, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

I know New Englander’s use chairs to save their parking spaces in the Winter, but we saw these chairs out a few weeks ago (April) in Portland, Maine. This STREET SCENE was just too funny!

I Self-Published “The Road to California” Using Blurb

27 04 2009

I just uploaded and ordered my first book that I created (wrote and photos by me) using Blurb and their Booksmart Software. You can see a preview of the book by clicking the preview tag in the sidebar. Booksmart has some good things and some things that still need work, but I wanted to try it out. Their text options need the most work and they could use more layout options. So, we will see about the quality. I have used Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Kodak to do photo books. So far, I am the most happy with Shutterfly for those types of books (more like scrapbooks or photo albums). Blurb is supposed to be more like art/photo type publishing. So, check out my book and let me know what you think. Please don’t find any typos LOL! I know that there has to be at least one.atea