You Have Just Entered the Twilight Zone

31 03 2009

We are closing on our refinance tomorrow so I had to go down to Cary to get a check from the Credit Union that is part of the network of Credit Unions. Our Credit Union (DEC)  is in Massachusetts (we can’t use a personal check to pay our closing costs to our credit union who we are refinancing with, I don’t get it). So, I get there and they tell me that they cannot write a cashier’s check to a 3rd party, but the Coastal Federal Credit Union (IBM) will and they are up the road next to the WalMart. So, I get there and walk in the front door and cannot find any slips. The woman at the desk asks me what I need. I tell her and she points to this wall of booths. Each booth has a phone, monitor, air tube thingy, signature pad and a money dispenser. She tells me to pick up the phone and send my license in the tube. I say that I worked at DEC and the woman in the next booth says she worked at DEC too, but I didn’t get her name. I send my license and a woman comes on the the screen and says she will be right with me. A few seconds later another woman comes on and I proceed with what I need to do. She told me the wrong way to fill out the form and finally I think I got it right. She asks me for the phone number of my credit union and I couldn’t remember it but she finally gets the number and keeps me waiting while she is on hold. Then she sends me out my license, cashier’s check, and a receipt that I have to sign. I notice that the balance was lower than it should have been, but I wasn’t sure and you know when you aren’t sure about it but don’t know why and just don’t think to ask feeling ? so I left. But when I logged into my account at home, I saw that she had withdrawn the same large amount twice. She gave me a check but no cash. So, I need to call them when they open. I hope it was just a mistake.

So, these tellers work in a windowless awful looking room behind these monitors. I know they were really there and not off shore, because they took my license and sent me the slip I needed. It was creepy. I took a picture with my phone but can’t upload it until I find the software for my phone.

We got a good deal on our refi though. Our rate will be 4.35 with 2 points, but we went from a 30 to a 15 year term and we pay bi-weekly, so it will be paid off in less time. Our payment went up but that is okay cause we are still paying less than our last rent. Crazy.




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31 03 2009

I called the credit union and they said that the teller cut a cashier’s check made out to me first (even though I told her 10 times that they check needed to be made out to my credit union and it was written on the withdrawal slip). Then she cut a check made out correctly. But she didn’t credit the money back correctly for the check that she messed up on. So, now they are working on it. I hope I never have to go there again and I hope they never turn my bank or credit union into one of these kinds of places.

The rate even with points was just too good to not do, but the mortgage people are stretched pretty thin these days. Last time we refinanced the credit union gave us back a ton of money cause of problems… so we will see if the HUD papers are correct this time 🙂

31 03 2009
Julie McLeod

Wow! That sounds like a freaky experience.

31 03 2009

Sorry about your experience, but wow, it is amazing what a lower rate will do!!

31 03 2009

That is really bizarre. It could be a Monty Python routine. Hope you get it all straightened out – I hate dealing with that kind of stuff!

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