Day 90 365 Photos Theme #239 Power

31 03 2009

PowerLines-0131, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

I took this during the day and the sky was very blue (Carolina Blue, of course). I used some of the Lightroom presets on this picture of the high-POWER line towers that run through one of the very expensive developments in Raleigh.




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31 03 2009

Oh – only the $500,000 not the expensive ones??? Yikes!!! Great shot and love your processing!

31 03 2009

I used the WOW-Edge 07 preset (the free presets from with the Antique Preset first. Then I bumped up the lumiance settings on the blue and yellow. I also used the Punch preset. So, that really isn’t the sun, cause the sun was behind me.

You wouldn’t believe where these towers are… this is a high-end development in North Raleigh. There are houses on either side of this tower, like in your backyard close! The houses are probably only the $500,000 not the more expensive ones.

31 03 2009
Julie McLeod

I like the way the sun appears to glint off the metal of the tower. Great shot and great processing.

31 03 2009

What an interesting tower – it looks like an angel! The “power” angel! Very cool!

31 03 2009

This is a great power line structure. They contrast between the lines and sky really work well. Nice

31 03 2009

I never really noticed how delicate and intricate the power line structures can be. Interesting photo!

31 03 2009

From my point of view, very futureistic too, what a stupendous tower. Great Shot.

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