Day 84 365 Photod Theme #256 Reflections

24 03 2009

Fish and Irises, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

The pump in our pond filter died on Sunday after the DH finished cleaning it out. So, I went out to check on the fish during the day on Monday. I took the camera and got some pretty good shots of the fish. I have been trying to get a good picture of the fish for years and it never dawned on me to turn off the pump LOL. Sometimes I can be a little slow on the trigger. Okay, well I got some good REFLECTIONS of the irises on the water. The fish like to hide under the shade and protection of the irises. We have 7 fish of different sizes. They are goldfish and they live in the pond all year round. We don’t have to feed them in the winter. They just live off their fat and hibernated down at the bottom of the pond. They have a new pump now and will get back to spawning I’m sure.

Here are more fish… the light colored one was born 2 summers ago. It is whiter in person and is probably an Oranda variety? But none of the other fish are this color, so not sure if it is an “albino”?

This is the back of our house reflected in the pond. I am standing over the pond and everything looks upside down.




10 responses

26 03 2009

Great shots of reflections! The goldfish beneath the surface add so much interest. The tree reflections are my favorite.

26 03 2009

Nice reflections!

25 03 2009

I really love those reflections in the pond with the colorful fish. The second one with the budding leaves is just breathtaking! AS you can see, I’m back online and trying to catch up with comments.

25 03 2009

Really good shot, love the reflections.

25 03 2009
Julie McLeod

That’s really interesting about goldfish vs. koi. And the egg-eating thing. Your shot is really cool – almost abstract looking…

25 03 2009

Beautiful reflections against those fish! Nice idea!

25 03 2009

These are just plain old goldfish not koi. Koi are too expensive and goldfish are about $2.00 apiece. Once in awhile a fish disapears, we had a few jump out of the pond or just go belly up. Goldfish eat their own eggs so if you want to breed them you are supposed to remove the eggs. But we never do that. But the past 2 summers we have noticed little fishes swimming and have 3 new fish who somehow survived.

25 03 2009

Very cool composition. I really like the orange of the fish under the ref;ections.

25 03 2009

These aren’t Koi? Nice shot. Love the reflections – and the fish, and the iris leaves, and the clouds. lol

25 03 2009

Yhat is good I first thought it was carrots in mixed vegetables so that maintains your artistic level.

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