Day 80 365 Photos Theme #127 Grass, Turf, Lawn

20 03 2009

Grass, Turf, Lawn, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

I liked how green the GRASS was in contrast to the orange barriers. I used the Photomerge Group Shot Merge function to copy in the Tree Protection sign that appears all along these orange fences in construction areas. See, we do protect our trees here :-).




9 responses

27 03 2009

The vivid orange is great against that lush green! Great photo!

25 03 2009

That is great composition in this photo with the zigzag-y colorful fence meandering through the greenery.

25 03 2009
Julie McLeod

What are they protecting the trees from?

22 03 2009

We did not have any of the ice storms this year. The stuff that looks dead and grey is probably kudzu vines that cover these trees all summer.

Thanks Mary Lou and everyone for your comments!

21 03 2009
Mary Lou

I just looked at your last 22 posts and they are so well done. Nice colors and composition. great job.

21 03 2009

Love how you lead the eyes with your orange fence! What great colors!

21 03 2009

Good merge! The colours are great. And the orange “fence line” draws you right in. Nice!

21 03 2009

Looks like there was some dead fall here too. Did this area have a Ice Storm too? I agree. Good contrasts between the green, orange, and the dark trees. Looks like some bales of hay are sprouting too. More green, huh. Also you did well on the photo merge. I’ve had fun doing that too.

21 03 2009

Great photo for the sign the colour contrast and composure and appears to be recent. I haven’ commented on any of your previous posts because this is supposed to be for photos WE have taken tis year 2009 and I try to comment on everyones post but won’t on ones outside the challenge.

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