Day 74 365 Photos Theme #85 Entrance

15 03 2009

What is Behind Those Doors?

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

Just what is behind those beautiful carved doors on the Mission in San Antonio. Our Granddaughter and her Mom are getting ready to make an ENTRANCE to find out. The DH was in San Antonio last weekend visiting his girls and is my DP (designated photographer). I bumped up the color and contrast again on this picture.




6 responses

16 03 2009

That’s a wonderful photo for the theme! Your DP has a good eye for an interesting story. 😉

15 03 2009

Just look at the anticipated stance on that child! Love the doors and the architecture. Nice colors too.

15 03 2009

Remember the Alamo? There are 7 missions in San Antonio – see:

Some of these missions are still in use as Catholic Churches similar to the Missions of California. I am not sure what they were looking at through this door. I will ask, but maybe it was a Sunday and Church was going on.

15 03 2009

Very interesting entrance…to what?

15 03 2009

Beautiful photo of beautiful doors! What IS behind that entrance?

15 03 2009

How perfect for the theme, and I love all the color and texture you caught in this Mission! Very cool shot (your DH did good)!

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