Day 72 365 Photos Theme #248 Quaint or Quirky

12 03 2009

Virgin of Guadalupe

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

This is the world’s largest mosaic of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It is 40 ft. tall and is a replica of the Virgin of Guadalupe votive candle, in the form of a half-candle relief, complete with an eternal flame on top. It was designed and built by artist Jesse Trevino, who lost an arm in Vietnam.

I have a guest photographer today. The DH was in San Antonio last weekend visiting his daughter and our granddaughter. This is on the side of the Market on Guadalupe Avenue. I found it on the QUIRKY Roadside America Web site and made him go to see the building to get a picture. I added the blue sky and saturated the colors more. Flickr did some weird things when it uploaded the image.

We have found a lot of things on the Roadside America Web site – the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota, the Largest Ball of Stamps in Boys Town, Nebraska, and now the Virgin.




5 responses

13 03 2009
Julie McLeod

That is beautiful and quirky at the same time! Great find!

13 03 2009

Wow! That is beautiful – and quirky, too. Great color.

13 03 2009

Wonderful for the theme, this is actually pretty cool! Hey and thanks, you just gave me my idea for quirky! LOL

13 03 2009

I consider this to be real beauty and devotion, can you imagine what the construction of such a mosaic would entail. I love the colour and viberance of this Photo.

13 03 2009

Would love to do a road trip fitting in ALL things quirky like this!

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