Day 69 365 Photos 358 What’s Inside

10 03 2009

Saucer Magnolia Outside

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

When our Saucer Magnolia blooms, it means that spring is here. The flowers appear before the leaves. The Bradford Pears are in bloom too. Our daffy dills are trying really hard to open but it is still too chilly in our yard. So, here is what is INSIDE this pretty flower:




5 responses

11 03 2009

Beautiful!!! Love the bokeh….fabulous shot! I just saw my first robin this morning….a sure sign spring is on it’s way here!

11 03 2009

I love magnolias! Beautiful big blooms and wonderful colors. You did great! Thanks for sharing the interior too.

10 03 2009

Both pictures shout “Spring!” I like the soft background on the outside magnolia.

10 03 2009

Wow thank you for this reveleation, beautiful.

10 03 2009

These are both stunning flowers, but I especially love the macro shot of the inside w/ the blue tinting! WOW!!

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