Day 68 365 Photos Theme #266 Rusted

9 03 2009


Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

This is a picture of a RUSTED grate that surrounds a tree in front of a restaurant in one of the strip malls here. I was waiting for my Aunt and Uncle to meet me and just happened to have my camera with me. The sidewalk is washed out cause it was so sunny. I enhanced the rust a little bit with a brush and some orange color that was already in the rusty part.




5 responses

11 03 2009
Julie McLeod

Cool shot! I like how you’ve got the grate on an angle and how we just see a bit of the little tree trunk…

10 03 2009

What a wonderful find and you happened to have your camera! Great shot. Love the rust and the repeating patterns. Really pops!

9 03 2009

Wow! This is fabulous! Love the colors and I agree with Tammy about all those great lines and angles. Great shot!

9 03 2009

The colors are brilliant, but I what I really love is all the lines and angles, great perspective too!

9 03 2009

That is great rust! I like the angles and lines in the shot, too. We had another inch of snow today, after rain and ice. Yuck!

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