Day 64 365 Photos Theme #59 Colored Glass

4 03 2009

Blue Glass

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

Instead of hanging plants on the front porch, I have hung my wind chimes and this blue COLORED GLASS hanging vase. I took this photo through the little window at the bottom of the stairs looking up at the snow-covered trees.i used Lightroom to adjust the lighting and contrast. And I used the special brushes to darken the blue a little bit.I hope I don’t have any more snow pictures to take this year!




9 responses

9 03 2009
Julie McLeod

Everything about this is fab! The slight angle of the vase gives the photo a sense of motion that is very interesting….

6 03 2009

The snow is a really good foil for the knockout blue, hope that’s the last you see.

6 03 2009

Wow, love how you captured the blue glass – it is so rich looking! Really nice image!

5 03 2009

Great shot the blue is stunning – love the contrast

5 03 2009

Love how that beautiful blue just pops against the background!
Great shot & great work on processing!

5 03 2009

Nice shot of blue in the greenery and snow. It fairly pops! Great shot. Beautiful colors.

5 03 2009

It is hanging under the porch edge mostly out of the weather. I’ll worry more about it during Hurricane season!

5 03 2009

That’s a surprising bright spot against the snowy background.

5 03 2009

Aren’t you worried about it out in the snow?

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