Day 61 Theme #363 Winter

2 03 2009

Snow On Forsythia

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

So it is March 2, 2009 and we had WINTER weather overnight and it is still only 28 degrees F outside here in Raleigh. Our forsythia is blooming already and it is time to start planting in the garden. Well, no worry it will be 70 degrees by Saturday they say. Beware the Ides of March.




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3 03 2009

Some great contrasts here–the pure white snow against the brilliant yellow flowers and the whole spring versus winter thing. I like the simplicity and the clean look of it.

2 03 2009

Nothing describes the contradiction of March like this photo!

2 03 2009
Karen S.

Wonderful juxtaposition of the cold snow and sunny yellow blooms – so contrary and lots of fun! A great catch.

2 03 2009
Esther Farnstrom

Looks like little suns shining in all that cold white stuff! I say it is time for the sun to be out more so people can thaw out. At least the weather has given a lot of folks plenty to photograph. There has been rain here off and on and this morning I saw (and photographed many times) 4 rainbows! You will see them, too, as soon as I get home.

2 03 2009

So pretty! It looks as if you have yellow & white flowers! Great shot!

2 03 2009
Julie McLeod

Well, its a lovely shot even though I’m sure you’re ready for the snow to be gone for good.

2 03 2009

You got our left-over snow from here in NE Arkansas. It has now gone up the coast to the New England states I hear.

I love Forsythia! Years ago my sister gave me a coffee can of sand with a “stick” of Forsythia stuck in the sand. She had just stuck it in there. I left it there for a while and when it was rooted, planted it. Before we left that place, it was a nice sized bush. Lovely bush. Loads of flowers! Beautiful plant. Loved it. Wish I had it now as my dear sister is no longer with us.

Nice shot of the plant, flowers and the snow.

2 03 2009

Looks like one of your Needlepoint creations pn linen, beautiful.

2 03 2009
Mary Lou

Nice photo of Winter and Spring togeter!!

2 03 2009

Beautiful! I love the snow against the yellow flowers. It’ so crisp and very nicely composed, too. It’s still snowing here in Auburn…

2 03 2009

Love the snow on the green leaves, makes for an interesting picture. At least the snow will not be around for long!!

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