Day 60 365 Photos Them #310 Sunday

1 03 2009

Fortune Cookie Chronicles

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

“The Fortune Cookie Chronicles” is a really good read. Jennifer 8 Lee figured out that on one particular day a few years ago, 100 people won the 2nd prize in the lottery by playing the lucky numbers they got in the fortune cookies at the Chinese Restaurant. It lead her around the world on a journey to find out who invented the fortune cookie, to find her roots and so much more.

SUNDAY was always Chinese Food day. Our family often went out for Chinese with my grandparents and my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins. Or we would get takeout. It was Polynesian in those days!




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2 03 2009

You are making me hungry for Chinese – we’ll have to go to New Ping’s when you visit! I love the photo with the fortune cookie on the book. Very clever! I’ll have to get the book from the library.

2 03 2009

What a unique take on the theme!

1 03 2009

I love fortune cookies. Cool snap.

1 03 2009

The soy sauce packet is on the cover… it does look real. The book is from the library so it has that library plastic on it and the book had never been read so it looks really shiny. There is a chapter about soy sauce too.

1 03 2009
Esther Farnstrom

Clever theme you have here…is that a real soy sauce package on the front or the cover of the book? Hard to tell. We have take-out occasionally. For years my DH wouldn’t eat Chinese because he got sick once after eating a 7-course dinner then finishing it up at home with lotsa watermelon. Do you think he would stay away from watermelon? Of course not.

1 03 2009

What lovely memories! I love your shot of the book, I’ll have to see about getting it….thanks!

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