Day 56 365 Photos Theme #88 Eyes

25 02 2009


Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

Went to the eye doc last week to get the EYES checked. I couldn’t see the crossword puzzle clues very well 🙂 so it was time to get checked. I needed a boost in the reading area and we tried a different progressive manufacturer. This one has a bigger reading area. Went today to get my new lenses and took some pictures of the frames for sale.




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27 02 2009

That reminds me – time to make the next eye appointment! I always end up with three pairs of glasses – bifocals, computer glasses, and sunglasses.

26 02 2009
Mary Lou

Fun idea for the theme. Nice shot. I always laugh a lot when I am picking out frames because when I try them on I can’t see a thing not even the frames!!

26 02 2009
Julie McLeod

I’d like to try those rimless ones next time. They look cool!

25 02 2009

I didn’t get new frames cause we don’t have VSP this year cause we can only get new frames every 2 years. And I have the Silhouette frames that you cannot kill. They are titanium rimless and so light. They are coming out with new models that have more of a sidepiece:

They are not cheap… but you cannot kill them.

Both times I was in the glasses place, I heard someone say to the person that they were with… “Do you want Sarah Palin Glasses”. Too funny.

25 02 2009
Julie McLeod

Great idea for the theme. Did you get new frames? I always find that such a stressful decision. Too many to choose from…………

25 02 2009

Neat idea – and love the background! Cool pic for the theme!

25 02 2009

Well the Ayes have it a whole new perspective on life.

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