Day 54 365 Photos Theme #34 Breakfast

23 02 2009

Sunday Breakfast

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

The DH always makes BREAKFAST on  the weekend. Today we had pancakes with real maple syrup from The R.A. Crane’s of Hillsborough NH. It is the best syrup ever (made by a friend’s family). Grade A Amber is my favorite or Mrs Buttersworth 🙂 will have to do. More about the juice glass another day.

The placemats are quilted with farm fabric and some older fabrics I had.




7 responses

27 02 2009

Nice shot of yummy pancakes…..weekend breakfasts are the best!

27 02 2009

Yummy! I love real maple syrup, too – can’t do the other kind anymore. Your placemats are great.

24 02 2009

Pancakes is always a favorite around here. Just that we don’t do them very often. Nice shot. Good colors too.

24 02 2009
Mary Lou

Looks delish!! Nice composition.

23 02 2009

Great angle (and one of my favorites). Nice!

23 02 2009

You shouldn’t look down on breakfast, It is the most important meal of the day, where is the whiskey shot and beer chaser for fibre?

23 02 2009
Julie McLeod

Hmm….somehow I commented on your flickr page.

So to repeat – that looks delicious and I like the jaunty angle you shot from. Nothing like real maple syrup! Mmmmm……….

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