Day 51 365 Photos Theme #271 Second Hand

20 02 2009

Lucky Strike Water Tower in Durham, NC

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

They have preserved the Lucky Strike towers as the centerpiece of the new American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC. It is a mixed used development that includes the Durham Bulls parks, the new Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC) and residential and restaurants. We ate in Tyler’s Pub, which is non-smoking :-). As are more and more places in NC. They are trying to pass a bill making all public places non-smoking. They are trying to raise the tax on cigs too.

We saw Anthony Bourdain at the DPAC. He rambled on and then took questions. Fun to see him in person. We love his show “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel. The theater is really nice – great views and sound system. It is just like the Lied in Lincoln, Nebraska. We used to go to the Lied a lot when we lived in Omaha.

We have a theater in Raleigh too but the sound system and acoustics are not very good. They took the old Memorial Auditorium (just like the Worcester Memorial Auditorium) and put a shell around it and made it into a theater for plays etc. They added on a smaller theater for opera and ballet.




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23 02 2009
Julie McLeod

Great job of selective coloring on this. And, I find your description of the shift away from tobacco crop to be really interesting as well as what seems a rather late move to ban smoking in public places. The industry (and habit) must be so wholly entrenched in society there….

(Even though I added your blog to our master list at Elements Village, I managed somehow to neglect putting your link on my blog page and worse, didn’t add it to my RSS feeder, so I haven’t been getting notification of your blog posts. Now, I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog! )

21 02 2009

Wonder shot of the tower and how cool that even tobacco dependent areas are trying to stomp on smoking.

21 02 2009

The show was part of the Guildford College Lecture series, so he just came out and rambled and then took a few questions. He talked about the show and how they go about picking themes for each show (linking the city to movies). The Venice one was cool. He said they got up really early to film to make Venice look more deserted then it really is (even though they are losing people). The recent Porn show was good too.

The tobacco growers here got buyouts to help them transition out of growing tobacco. There are no more tobacco auctions. The place we ate in was nonsmoking and it was pretty busy even at the bar. So, it won’t hurt business. All the hospitals here moved the smoking areas totally off hospital grounds. So, now when you drive by Duke, they are all standing at the bus stop. It is sad to see the smokers all huddled in the bus shelter!

21 02 2009

I really like this shot! Having on the logo in color is a nice choice! I’m also jealous you were able to see Bourdain! I love his show!

21 02 2009

I like your connection to ‘second-hand’. Wonderful old tower…I’m glad they didn’t do it in like they have the smokers!

20 02 2009
Karen S.

Nice that they preserved this bit of history. I like your composition with the tower just a bit offcenter.

20 02 2009

Very effective use of selective B&W.

20 02 2009

That American Tobacco Campus sounds interesting… like living in a cigarette theme park? Like the water tower….

20 02 2009

You could be fortelling the death knell of the tobaccp industry by your use of brush, and who would know what Sir Walter Raeliegh would think of todays Non-Smoking World. In most Pubs and Clubs in Australia they make smokers go outside and sit in a cage guess they see them as dangerous. We are still Free Countries though I think?

20 02 2009

This was taken at sunset. The sky was blue. I used the Tin Type special brush in Elements 7.0 but left the Lucky Strike Logo in color. It was windy and too cold (like 30s) to hang around and take more pics. So only got a few.

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