Day 47 365 Photos Theme #228 Patriotic

16 02 2009

War Is Not The Answer

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

I saw this bumper sticker on a car at the Wellness Center. It is from the Friends Committee on National Legislation. Today is President’s Day here in the USA. It used to be George Washington’s Birthday (which is February 20th, but they made it a Monday holiday a long time ago, then made it President’s Day for Lincoln too). I made a cherry pie last night though to celebrate. I cannot tell a lie, George probably didn’t chop down that cherry tree, but I like cherry pie anyways.

“Peace is Patriotic”and I support our troops, but hope they all can come home safe and sound and soon.




3 responses

16 02 2009

If War is not the Answer, What was the Question? Great take.

16 02 2009

Right on! I almost took a picture of an axe with a red head for the theme, but didn’t have any cherries to go with it. 😉 We could have done a composite.

16 02 2009

My sentiments exactly (and did you save a piece of that cherry pie)? 🙂

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