Day 46 365 Photos Theme #196 Navigational Aids

15 02 2009


Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

440 is a a loop that goes around Raleigh. They made this loop so you could get around Raleigh from Interstate 40 that passes through. They called it the Beltline and some genius decided to call it the Outer and Inner Beltlines. It took me years to figure out which way I wanted to go – the inner loop goes clockwise and the outer loop goes counterclockwise, well that could depend on which way you look at it. So, occasionally I would get on going the wrong way. There are still parts of Cary, NC that I can’t get to cause the loops get kind of mixed up over on that side.

But now it isn’t too bad. But now we have 540 which goes half-way around Raleigh (they don’t have the money to finish it yet) but it goes around our half. So, someone wanted to call that the outler loop and take down the old signs, but I think they tabled that for now.



5 responses

16 02 2009

I hate it when the traffic signs are so confusing. Great shot for the theme!

16 02 2009

Great capture! Very confusing though!

15 02 2009
Karen S.

The story makes me think of the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz – where he points in both directions. Love the colors!

15 02 2009
Mary Lou

Looks very confusing!! Great colors in this shot.

15 02 2009

Beautiful with that bright blue sky!! Nice! Believe it or not, they are thinking about making an Omaha loop – who would have ever thought….

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