Day 42 36 Photos Theme #9 Advertisement

11 02 2009

Barbecue Lodge Catering Truck

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

This is one of the Barbecue Lodge Catering Trucks. They will come to your house and set up a pig roast. They have the pig cooker right in the truck. But you have to like NC barbecue. It is pig and has a vinegar sauce. If you go to Lexington NC though they add red stuff (ketchup maybe?). We don’t much like the pork barbecue, but the actual pork right off the pig is really good. And you can eat all parts including the oink :-). I didn’t notice that there was a reflection in the puddle.




4 responses

12 02 2009

Nice shot! I had never heard of that type of service before!

11 02 2009

That’s a giant truck, must be some serious bbq eaters. I like the graphics on the side.

11 02 2009

Great photo for the theme – and the roast pork sounds delicious! What part is the oink? 😉

11 02 2009

Ok, now I want to barbecue – great image, but now I have to go get some lunch! 🙂

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