Day 37 365 Photos Theme #235 Places of Worship

6 02 2009

Places of Worship

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

This is the Church that the Day 36 Cross Window came from. There are 3 of these windows on the side of the church. I used a sliced scrapbook temple to crop the picture of the church.

This Church has had several different names since we have moved here.It is now:

The sky was so blue and the steeple so white:




6 responses

8 02 2009

I like your use of the template. The steeple shot is striking in it’s simplicity.

7 02 2009

Great application of the tryptich concept!

7 02 2009

The scrapbook template really adds interest to the plain building. Creative!

6 02 2009

Love the application you used & hope you’re feeling better!

6 02 2009

That is a nice shot which I can atleast half understand really good presentation.

6 02 2009

Very nicely done – love your presentation!

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