Day 32 365 Photos Theme #75 Dessert

1 02 2009

Dessert at Brunch Today

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

Pecan and Caramel Ice Cream with a Banana and Chocolate Pound Cake… oh my goodness. But they put salt in the caramel – and too much so I didn’t like that. I had poached eggs on sweet potato biscuits with country ham and fried green tomatoes. I am not going to be able to snack during the super bowl! We had a gift certificate to the restaurant at the NC Museum of Art, which has the best restaurant. And the plate was cool too. DH had key lime creme brulee.




8 responses

2 02 2009

Too bad they don’t deliver! Here is what the DH had:

It is key lime creme brulee and was very light!

2 02 2009

Did you order two? It might take a while until I get there. How can food be so beautiful and still taste sooooo good! Awesome picture!

2 02 2009

We were going to have Chinese appetizers for super bowl snacks… but I was still too full! I had 3 samoa girl scout cookies and a ginger ale! I was rooting for Pittsburgh. I don’t get the sweet and savory thing that is popular now in some restaurants.

1 02 2009

The photo looks good enough to eat! I’m with Karen on the chocolate cake though!

1 02 2009

I’ll take that chocolate pound cake anyday. Your photo is mouth-watering good! đŸ™‚

1 02 2009

no super bowl snacks? how is that possible? LOL

brunch sounds and looks yummy!

1 02 2009

It looks sinful!

1 02 2009

Now that is getting one’s Just Deserts, Yes please, when does mine arrive?

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