Dead Hard Drive

28 01 2009

So, after starting to rebuild a new disk, it died last night. And DH couldn’t get it to boot at all. Luckily I had only installed a few things and I have all my data on other drives and I do backups. So, may be a few days till I get caught up again.

I am resting up cause we have tickets for Dancing With the Stars tonight. Hope we have good seats. They had buy one get one free tickets. So, they must have not been selling that well.




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29 01 2009

The show was hot and cold… I thought we would be a little closer to the stage. The show was in the RBC Center (the place where concerts and the Hurricanes play. The floor seats were tables, which were the best seats! But it was fun. Cody from Hannah Montana got the most cheers! And so did Lacy and Lance, who were my favs too. And they were sponsored by Samsung’s new phone and State Farm so there were commercials. For 2 tickets for the price of one, it was worth it.

I bought a new computer yesterday (gobs of memory etc). I got an HP (please support HP so my pension doesn’t go away in 10 years 🙂 some of us are former DEC people who still have pension money).

28 01 2009

I’m jealous about Dancing with Stars too! I would love to see them in person….

28 01 2009

sorry about you computer, but I am jealous about dancing w/ the stars – have a great evening!!

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