Day 27 365 Photos Theme #243 Public Art

27 01 2009

Blue Red Wolf of Raleigh

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

I decided to use this theme even though this fit in several others. This statue depicts a Red Wolf, which is one of the endangered animals in NC. It was part of the Red Wolf Ramble held throughout Raleigh in 2001-2002.

Here is the full view:

The city of Omaha had JDoe as their theme. There have been cows, horses, pigs, and other themes in many cities.




7 responses

31 01 2009

Wonderful shot! I like the sun and sky and clouds mosaic.

30 01 2009

Beautiful art. Great photography!

We’re having a comeback of the Mexican red wolf here in Texas. There have been a few move into our immediate area, and neighborhood cats are apparently high on their menu. Unfortunate for the cats. But I’m happy to see a formerly extinct animal(in this region) starting to show up again. (Makes me glad I’ve got dog/coyote/wolf proof fencing around my miniature horses, though!)

27 01 2009

I love it when cities do these sculpture themes. Boston had cows a few years back, and San Francisco had hearts when we visited awhile ago, too. Very nice photo of the sculpture… the color is fantastic.

27 01 2009

Met a Marine from Raleigh, Nth Carolina who was in Darwin as part of the Prince Charles Raleigh Challenge. He got blown away by the size of the place.

27 01 2009

I should have said that it is done with mosaic tiles.

27 01 2009

Neat statue! Does it have sequins on it?

27 01 2009

That is really cool – love the texture and design in the blue red wolf!

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