Day 26 365 Photos Theme #365 Yellow

27 01 2009

Something Yellow – Who Am I?

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

I took this myself while waiting for the Anesthesiologist to come in and ask me questions. I had my preop for my gallbladder surgery next week. I asked if I could just keep the thing on till next week 🙂 but they said they would have to put on a new one. I said I was just kidding.




6 responses

27 01 2009

Great interpretation of the theme! Good luck with the surgery!

27 01 2009

I take my camera now with me to all my Dr. appts. The preop stuff took longer than my surgery will. They wouldn’t let me take my camera in with me when I had my MRI 😉 but I got a picture of the outside of the truck:

The surgeon said he would take pictures and make a copy for me. He said I probably didn’t want to take a stone home with me but he would take a picture of it. He had a lady last week with a 6 CM stone (she was 76 and had it forever). Mine are only 2.5 CM and they are killing me. She must have liked the pain?

27 01 2009

Great way to nail a theme! And have some fun in an interminable office experience…

27 01 2009

I tried humour during my By-pass surgery and the anesthesiologist was the only one that got it, the rest of the team were too serious for my liking, but at least I had faith in him – I had preped him.

27 01 2009

VERY yellow! Great way to make use of the time and lighten the moments a little! You’ll be in my thoughts as surgery time draws near; best wishes!

27 01 2009

Perfect for the theme – I had my gall bladder out a couple of months ago, and it wasn’t too bad! You will be in my thoughts!

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