Day 24 365 Days Theme #332 Tools of the Trade

24 01 2009

Hair Dryers

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

Had my haircut today and these are the stylist’s tools. I am in a black and white mood this weekend. Although, most of my latest quilts have been black and white.




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26 01 2009

That’s the fun of being the photographer – I can avoid getting in photos without anyone noticing. I have very few photos of me, too. I like the black-and-white treatment of the tools of the trade.

26 01 2009

Ah… the new doo is about the same as always. Haven’t gotten to the Photographer theme yet 🙂 but will try one of these days. I realized that I am not in most of the thousands of photos that I have taken since high school and wish that I was in a few pictures that I wasn’t (like one of me and my Nana at her 80th birthday).

25 01 2009

I like that you shot it in b & w. I think color would have distracted from the details.

25 01 2009

Great photos for the theme – do we get a look at the new do?

25 01 2009

reminds me I need a hair cut. Your B&W pics are great, but I’m such a colour junkie that it’s going to be hard for me to fill that Black and White theme! LOL

24 01 2009

They look loaded and ready to go. The b/w is nice.

24 01 2009

Those are my favorite tools too, except they are in my bathroom! Like this in black and white!

24 01 2009

Well, at least it fits the theme. And you were looking for photo-ops where you would have never thought of filming your hairdresser’s tools before. That is lesson accomplished.

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