Day 16 365 Photos Theme #269 Sculpture

22 01 2009

Sir Walter Raleigh

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

This is a picture of Sir Walter Raleigh (you know the guy – he put his coat down for a lady) in one of his temporary homes. He used to stand at the head of Fayettville Street on the closed mall downtown. Well, Raleigh decided to open the closed street to traffic so he got put in storage. Then they put him in front of the Memorial Auditorium (he was in front of an inflatable walk-through experience that was part of an Arts Day). He is now in front of the new convention center downtown.




4 responses

22 01 2009

Thsi picure is so funny–one inflated ego against an inflated background!

22 01 2009

Poor Sir Walter really gets around! I hope they find a setting for him that doesn’t provide quite so jarring a background….

22 01 2009
Mary Lou

Well done. I hope he has found a permanent home!! I thought he was still in front of an inflatable walk-through but I guess it’s another statue!!

22 01 2009

Boy, this guy moves!! 🙂 Nice picture against the blue background! BTW, thanks for the e-mail – I checked out the quilt site and all I can say is WOW!! I wish I had that kind of talent!!

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