Day 17 365 Photos Theme #291 Snack

17 01 2009

Filter>Polar Distort Done on a Bowl of Fruit Loops

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

Took a picture of a bowl of fruit loops and then used the Photoshop Filter Distort>Polar Coordinates. Very cool effect. I have done a million of these so far! Flowers work well and look like glass paperweights.




5 responses

19 01 2009

I love orbs and fruit loops orbed may be their highest and best use!

18 01 2009

Wow! That’s a really cool effect – and nice colors from the fruit loops. (I posted this on Flickr by mistake, too…)

17 01 2009

Yeah a crafty thing I understand, cause Wendy “Learned” me how to do it! Great for the theme all in all a giant fruit loop (Not me – the photo)

17 01 2009

Very cool effect – looks like a kalleideiscope in a way

17 01 2009

Fun image – and love the effect, works perfectly with the round and colored fruit loops! Very imaginative!

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