365 Photos for 365 Themes # 292 Snow or Ice

11 01 2009

Three Snow Men and Hellebore

Originally uploaded by needlepointernc

This is as close to snow as I hope we get here in Raleigh, NC 🙂 and so far we have been having pretty mild weather. These are the JIm Shore figurnines. I have a few others and I have several needlepolnts with snowmen on them too.




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14 01 2009

I’m in NC but we have had mild weather so far. But this weekend it is going to be cold! Like teens cold. So got to get out the winter coat. We have been lucky with winter the last few years (knock wood). So, maybe this weekend I can do one of the cold themes LOL.

14 01 2009

Very colorful!

You are in SC with mild weather?? And I am in AR with cold. We have had a lot of cold weather this year. More than usual. Temp has already dropped to 23 degrees tonight, but for now (early morning), it has climbed to 30.

12 01 2009

I’ve never seen this collection before – colorful and whimsical. It’s great.

12 01 2009

My friend has a lot of his santas too (I bought them for her cause she collects all kinds of santas).

12 01 2009

I collect his Santa’s!

11 01 2009

They are wonderful!

11 01 2009

What a cute Jim Shore snowman collection – my mom collects the angels by him. I love the intricate detail he puts into his designs, cute idea for the theme and nice picture!

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